My Books for Children

Ma Pani Bhag Linchhu

Ma Pani Bhag Linchhu, Hamile Bhaneko Kasle Sunne, Putaliko Bihe, Balclub and Hami Pani Bhitra Aaunchhau are the five stories collected in the book. 
"Children' rights to participation is emerging concept in Nepal. In this context, these stories are successful to advocate children rights to participation in the form of interesting plot."  Senior Child Rights Activist Gauri Pradhan has said about the book.

Writer: Saurav Kiran Shrestha, Genre: Story collection for children, Editor: Kartikeya Ghimire, Illustration: Shanta Hitang, Published Year: Baishak 2061 BS, Publisher: Balpatrakarita Tatha Balsahitya Puraskar Samiti, Nepal, Pages: 32, Price: NRs 15/-

Pipal Ko Pat (Peepul Leaf)
Pipal Ko Pat is story about a peepul leaf who wants absolute freedom. In a quest of freedom it starts its own journey where it encountered with various challenges and difficulties. 

Writer: Saurav Kiran Shrestha, English Translation: Anita Shrestha, Genre: Pictorial book, Illustration: Dev Koimi, Published Year:  Aswin 2061 BS, Publisher: Bibek Shrijanshil Prakashan Pvt. Ltd., Pages: 28, Price: NRs 25/-

Saathi Sanga Banbhoj
The collection book contains five short and interesting stories. Those stories are Saathi Sanga Banbhoj, Shojhi Nanu Chhattu Raju, Ko Thulo?, Danfeko Panchhi Bhela, Paru ra Mayako Shujbhuj. All the stories are written in child-friendly language. Plots of the stories are made such a way that child readers mesmerized in the story.

Writer: Saurav Kiran Shrestha, Genre: Story collection for children, Illustration: Krishna Gopal Shrestha, Published Year: 2062 BS, Publisher: Ratna Pustak Bhandar, Pages: 32, Price: NRs 40/-

Ghar Farkada
It is an interesting pictorial book for children. The story revolves around a brother and sister who are returning back to home after shool. Interesting twist and turn developed in the story when they lost their way to home. To know how they find the way, you need to read the book named Ghar Farkada.

Writer: Saurav Kiran Shrestha, Editor: Victor Pradhan, Genre: Pictorial Book for Children.  Illustration: Kasthapandap Art, Published Year: 2062 BS (2005 AD) Publisher: Nepal Bal Sahitya Samaj, Pages: 24, Price: NRs 60/-

Tilkeko Taukoma Tutulko (Tilke Bumps His Head)
Story revolves around Tilke a small dog. He is very curious and wants to explore new things by himself. One-day he goes out from the compound and had injury in head. Because of this he got a bump on his head. At the end of story he learnt about violence, pain and suffering. Then he does not want other to go from same kind of suffering.
Reading this book, a renowned child rights activities Gauri Pradhan remarked that, "If all of us began to think like this the ongoing and possible conflict due to power, greed, jealousy and envy could be lessen from our society. This pictorial story is an energizer for mental development for children in this regard."

Writer: Saurav Kiran Shrestha, Translation: Anita Shrestha 'Sauravi' Genre: Pictorial Book for Children, Illustration: Swayambar Hang, Published Year: 2062 BS (2006 AD) Publisher:  Prativa Rashmi Prakashan, Pages: 40, Price: NRs 70/-

Rani Phool
The book collects stories, Rani Phool, Ajaya Ko Biruwa, Bikram ko Prasna, Sunaulo Machha and Phuchhe Papu. All of them are well written which gave message on love toward animal, environment, practical science and collective work.

Writer: Saurav Kiran Shrestha, Genre:  Story collection for children, Illustration: Saurav Kiran Shrestha Published year: 2062 BS, Publisher: Shajha Prakashan, Pages: 24, Price: NRs 31/-

Petu Pen
Petu pen is a comic character which means pen with big tummy. The book could be a first kind where writer introduced a comic character in the play written for children. The play was successfully staged in Kathmandu for more than 15 times.
In the play, Petu Pen as a main character deals with children's problems and caste discrimination.

Playwright: Saurav Kiran Shrestha, Genre: Drama for children, Illustration:  Kasthamandap Art , Published Year: Magh 2063 BS, Publisher: Prativa Rashmi Prakashan, Pages: 40, Price: NRs 40/-
Dhaniyale Saikal Siki
It is story about a girl Dhaniya, who live in Tarai area. Story shows how a courageous girl learns to ride bicycle despite various difficulties. This book is also available in Tharu language, especially traslated for Tharu people living in Tarai region of Nepal.

Writer: Saurav Kiran Shrestha and Devendra Prasad Upreti, Genre: Pictorial Book for children, Illustration: Krishna Gopal Shrestha, Published Year: 2065 BS, Publisher: Room to Read, Nepal, Pages: 40, Price:…

Kaichi Babu
It is a story of a scissor-Kaichi Babu, who likes to cut. It asked anything that comes on its way. But all of them refused to be cut. Finally, it gets something that wants to be cut happily. What could be that? Answer  is available in book.

Writer: Saurav Kiran Shrestha, Genre: Pictorial Book for children, Illustration: Surya Sanyasi, Published Year: 2065 BS, Publisher: Kathalaya Prakashan, Pages: 16, Price: NRs 60/-